Thursday, June 26, 2008

How to make money from social networking site

Before i explain anything, watch the video below.

I've come across this site yesterday and i have enrolled in it after doing some research. This is basically a social network site called zenzuu who would give out 80% of their advertisement profits to active members. To become an active member, you have to open you account everyday. This is also a MLM program which might put off most people. I will list down all the pros and cons of this program and you can decide if it’s for you or not.

I will 1st list down the cons.

1. As it’s a MLM a lot people will be turned off as you need to find people under you to make money. Well, you can make money without any people under you if I’m not mistaken.

2. You have to log in everyday of the month. However, I think this is fair as this is the catch for this program so in some way this makes it more believable.

3. Its kind of a bit boring right now as there isn’t much people or activities like posting videos or making groups yet because it is still new and will officially be launched in august 2008.

Now the best part is hearing the pros. Here goes

1. Its free.

2. You get money by doing the thing you do everyday, stalking people, updating your page and sharing pictures, video and even blog.

3. Its new so not a lot of people have signed up. The official launch date is in august 2008 so this is the time to build a base network so when it launched, you already have a big base to work with.

4. A help center to help you with the FAQs. It’s not that comprehensive but it gives you more or less the answers.

5. The main thing i would like to point out is the potential of this site. Imagine this to be the next friendster, myspace and even facebook. We can never be sure but we all see how friendster and myspace lost their popularity so why not give zenzuu a try.

Some more fact about zenzuu.

I will be your referral if you click the links but I don’t care if you don’t want to make me your referral. Just go to and sign up from there. I just want to tell you about the opportunity and if you decide to go with me than I thank you.