Friday, July 07, 2006

You win $ome, You lo$e Some

Hmm, well I’m not going to brag about how much I’ve made this time... for your information; I’ve made a loss actually. What I want to write this time is in making money from stock market, u must learn to control your emotion and lust for money. I want to tell you a story about my loss...

Last 3 days I’ve found a very good counter that have a good counter that can go up so I bought a 10000 unit which is equivalent of 100 lots. You know what? It did go up and I would be making 1100 ringgit if I sold my stock at that time. But guess what I did? I become greedy and bought another 100 lots at its almost peak price and the price goes down right after that day so I have to sell at lower price before it went down further and that’s how I manage to lose around 300 bucks! Imagine that!

Btway, it’s a good lesson for me as I learn 2 important lessons which are don’t act with your emotion, act with your brain and know when to get in and out of the market. I hope my situation will not be repeated by any of you. I suggest if u really want to be a professional investor, learn how to evaluate a stock fundamentally and technically which I’m currently studying and things started to look great! Till next time my friends!


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