Monday, July 17, 2006

RM4200 lost last friday

You heard that right. I loose another 4200 Ringgit! Stock markets worldwide suffered sharp falls after crude oil prices rose to record highs, sparked by violence in the Middle East, breaching the US$78/barrel. The stupid war damaged my portfolio greatly as around 30% were lost in 1 day!

However, this is a very good opportunity for all you investors out there. Find and monitor good companies this few days and do buy at around the lowest price, as the price will eventually go up, technically. I’m finding a few counters right now and wanna know what? I actually felt glad the market goes down even at the cost of my expense. No worries, I can recover the money back, hopefully :p

For all you commodity traders out there, lucky you as the oil price are going up. Hope you don’t go short! Btway, I’m opening my futures account! For all you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, future’s account let u trade commodities and futures. It’s a different market from securities market i.e. companies shares and stocks. I suggest all noobs to find a mentor to coach you in expanding your know-how in this risky man eat man world of investing!