Thursday, March 09, 2006

♫The Army Rhythm ♪

Remember the Swiss Army Knife you have always wanted when you’re young? Well, it has been modernize by Victorinox! Oh, it still comes with a blade, nail file and scissors. But, that’s not all, they have put another useful and important tool on it as well, the mp3 player that is! Imagine living without one! Well, now you can hear your favourite music, bring along your documents and do some handiwork if you need any! This small little devil comes with a jogging arm-band, a pair of earphones and a cool highly sensitive remote control with 2 earphone jack for you and you partner! This storage device-cum-music player-cum-handy tools comes with a voice recorder, FM radio and high capacity USB from 1 GB and up to 4 GB to cram all those music, pictures, assignment and whatever needs storing.

For those who travel a lot, the Victorinox S.beat is also available without the tools of the Swiss Army Knife. Choose the flight version without these tools or just detach your digital audio player from the knife body and protect the USB interface with the supplied cap. If you not a mp3 player fan, buy one for your son or even your daughter for you might never know when she might be needing one!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hot Lava!

I’m not talking about the hot molten larva from the volcano; I’m talking about the famous lava lamps! Now you can have a portable one to bring it wherever you go, provided you bring your laptop along! Well, it’s a USB Lava Lamp, what do you expect? Cool isn’t it? The 6-inches bugger will add some mood on you worktable and your popularity might as well boost up as it catches the attention of most passing eyes!