Sunday, February 26, 2006


Well, cowboys’ guns and cars are out of date and your nephew’s birthday is just around the corner? Your 15 years old son’s wants a present for his spectacular results but he has everything a boy could imagine? Or you just want to buy something for yourself? Have a blast with the toy I’m going to introduce to you in a few seconds. When I say have a blast, I mean it, literally! A blast of air to be precise! Who wants a cowboy gun when u can get a MegaZooka, An air launcher used to shoot a focused blast of air up to 20 feet away!

Blast away your cat or your little brother with this toy. As it uses air, you’ll never run out of ammo. So, go out and kill as many dead leaves and papers as you want or surprise attack your friends with this air-buster as it is quite subtle when the trigger is pulled. And to add some points to this toy, it features a pop-up sight, double handle grips for improved aiming and single shot trigger action or rapid fire. Do have fun but be careful as you might be hit back or rope down as your associates have had enough of you and bought one for themselves to settle the scores!